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Midyear School Place Application

This online application should be used to apply for a Lincolnshire school place outside of the normal school intake year admissions rounds.

Please ensure you have read the information provided on the midyear admissions web pages, particularly in relation to:

I have read the information provided: *
I have read the information provided:

Getting Started

You would normally complete a midyear application in the following circumstances:
  • You have moved address or you are due to move address – the school can only consider using your new address once you and your child are actually living there and your child lives in the UK. Slightly different rules apply to service personnel and crown servants where a future address can be used if a posting notice or similar documentation is provided.
  • You have had issues with your child's current school which you have been unable to resolve with the school – it can be difficult and traumatic for any child moving schools and therefore we do recommend that parents and carers do all they can to resolve any issues they have with the current school, before taking the decision to try and move their child to a new school.
  • Your child is currently being educated in the independent sector or home educated and you would like them to move to a state funded school.
If you live outside Lincolnshire you will need to apply to the county authority in which you live.

If you wish to apply for a school place outside of Lincolnshire please contact the relevant local authority.

Data Protection Act

Lincolnshire County Council is registered under the Data Protection Act and will use personal information only within the Council and partner organisations (including schools) and in accordance with the requirements of the Act.
(Registration No: Z8397628)
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